Loidys Carnero (b. 1982, Havana, Cuba)
Lives and works in Amsterdam

e-mail: loidyscarnero@gmail.com
mobile: +31 624 559 854

instagram: http://instagram.com/loidyscarnero


wallpaper, chair, fishing line
dimensions variable

Exhibition view: Havana Art Weekend, "Maison d'Artiste" - Studio Los Carpinteros, Havana, CU



In March 2015 I decided to build four "De Ligt" chairs designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1919. Following instructions from a tutorial included on a Dutch do-it-yourself book. I placed the dining chairs in the kitchen of my apartment in Heesterveld, part of the utopian district Bijlmermeer in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The installation consists of a full-scale photograph of the kitchen and a chair.
The original chair for this piece had been sent from Amsterdam to Havana for an exhibition, but it never arrived on time. Expecting this situation I brought the construction plans of the chair to Havana and contacted a local carpenter, presented him the drawings and within three days I got the chair rebuilt. The chair was made using typically Cuban wood. The look of the wood and calculation mistakes in the final result turned the chair into a more sculptural object.