Loidys Carnero (b. 1982, Havana, Cuba)
Lives and works in Amsterdam

e-mail: loidyscarnero@gmail.com
mobile: +31 624 559 854

instagram: http://instagram.com/loidyscarnero


plywood, inhaler, pills, book and inkjet print on paper
chair: 180 x 62 x 40 cm print: 140 x 92 cm














"All of a sudden we ask ourselves about the history of the sunbed. We can look at it as an object or as a curiosity of our society. Loidys new pieces could symbolize our society. The sideboard, the sunbed, the wine rack are all furniture that is quite specific to the welfare of western civilization. It speaks about their habits and way of living. While the do-it-yourself element could insinuate a possibility of access. I am able to do it myself; I am able to be part of it. However, am I really part of it if I do it myself? The furniture works are both conformation and dismantling."