Loidys Carnero


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plywood, plexiglas, objects
280 x 35 x 46 cm










The piece Muurkastje consists of a wall-mounted plywood structure. Built by myself from scratch, strictly following the steps of a technical manual from the Dutch DIY book Het Beste Doe-Het-Zelf Handboek from 1975. After building the sideboard I added a series of objects, carefully selected and arranged. Aesthetically, plywood and Plexiglas are not usually used for this type of construction, giving it an appearance of a prototype. The installation contains books, six cups, two small mugs by Royal Delft, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of VL92 gin produced in Vlaardingen, a unique bottle of sparkling water, various drinking glasses and Dutch-design objects. The book Het Beste Doe-Het-Zelf Handboek is also included.