Loidys Carnero (b. 1982, Havana, Cuba)
Lives and works in Amsterdam

e-mail: loidyscarnero@gmail.com
mobile: +31 624 559 854

instagram: http://instagram.com/loidyscarnero


plywood, pine, tools and inkjet print on paper
table: 180 x 75 x 90 cm print: 100 x 65 cm









Following instructions from a do-it-yourself Dutch book, I decided to learn how to build a workbench from scratch. The installation includes a try square, two hammers, six clamps, a chisel and a red pencil, carefully arranged on top of the workbench. The tools do not show signs of use. They are presented here to be looked at, not to be used. Symbolizing possibilities and actions to be done. On the wall there is an ink-jet print, a scanned image from one of the pages of the book with drawings and technical data.